Makers of Sport – Episode 13

“If I can contribute to the design world, something that might exist long after I’m gone, that’s a win for me…Sports Fonts was a part of that”.

On this Episode, Adam interviews typeface and logo designer, Kristopher Bazen. Kris is currently a senior apparel designer at J. America. He also recently founded Sports Font Foundry, a typeface design company targeting the sports industry.

Kris shares his struggles in school as well as his battle with cancer. He tells how overcoming these obstacles helped him reach his professional goals and develop a different perspective on his career.

Kris has developed a diverse skillset, having worked for Reebok, Adidas and Old Hat Creative. His experience has taught him the value of selling your designs to clients and the importance of practicing and sketching.

Kris discusses his approach to sports logo design as well as creating custom typefaces. He also fields a question from twitter user @ScottdeFasselle who asks: “If you had to start from scratch—no one knew you & you hadn’t worked in the industry, how would you get started?”

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