Makers of Sport – Episode 17 – Matt Walker

On this episode, Matt Walker of Walk Design joins Adam to discuss fantasy sports and Matt’s role in the industry. Matt is best known for his work at ESPN Fantasy, which included interactive projects like the ESPN Tournament Challenge app, and the ESPN Fantasy Football iPad app.

Adam and Matt talk at length about design and putting ideas into action, and just going out and creating. They also discuss positioning as a professional problem solver and building relationships, instead of simply identifying as a freelancer.

The number one thing that we have to do in life, is be humble and learn that we have so much we can improve on…if you take off a little small thing here and there that you probably can improve, that’s where you make the big gains. It’s not one thing, it’s always a number of little things. You scrape away, you scrape away, you scrape away – next you thing you know, you made a big dent.

Visit Makers of Sport – Episode 17 to see the show notes as well as samples of Matt’s work.

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