Makers of Sport – Episode 16 – Tyson Beck

“Location is not a barrier…it doesn’t matter where you live, whether you are in a more rural destination or New York, if your work’s good, you’re going to get noticed.”

On this episode of Makers of Sport, Adam interviews Australia native, Tyson Beck. Tyson is the founder of Posterizes, an international collective of sport designers that create digital art for the NBA.

Tyson talks about how he got his start in design. He also discusses how social media platforms have helped get him discovered and put his artwork in front of big name clients.

Adam and Tyson talk about the importance of drawing inspiration from artists you admire, and the fine line between being inspired and stealing.

Be sure to listen at around the 57 minute mark, when Adam gives a shout out to myself and the Sports Design website. Tyson weighs in on the age old debate of whether to go to school for design or to just start making things.

Visit Makers of Sport – Episode 16 to see the show notes as well as samples of Tyson’s artwork.

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